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"Art is where hearts find their whisperers"

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robin robinson

Her art transformed the vibe of the whole space. I love it.

Fine art paintings for the home and commerical spaces.

Artist in Residence

Eastbrook Community

Peachtree City, GA 30269

Dogwood Gallery & Framers

105 St Stephens Ct Unit E

Tyrone, GA 30290

William Craig

751 Virginia Avenue

Hapeville, GA 30354

Printshop Gallery

112 South Talbotton Street

Greenville, GA 30222

IMG_5480 2_edited.jpg

Peachtree City, GA 

The eye of the beholder is always right when it comes to art they love or that moves them. One doesn't have to study for years to like art and have a solid, valuable opinion on what they think is engaging.

As an Outsider Artist, I strive to inspire and provoke thought through my art. There is a beauty in the well-lived and imperfect-whether the subject is a tree, a dream or a human. This is evident in every piece I create. I believe that often beauty is found in things that are raw and unrefined, and that art should speak to the soul. Each of my pieces has a story and a meaning behind it, making them timeless and significant. 


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